Exploring Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, GA

This past Saturday we decided to drive to Atlanta, GA to explore the Fernbank Natural History Museum. It only took about 45 minutes from our home in Cumming, GA. When we pulled in past the giant dinosaurs in the front of the museum, we easily found free parking in the museum parking lot which was fantastic. I hate having to drive around forever looking for parking, pay and then walk forever to get there. This was not the case!

After stomping on the dinosaur tracks towards the museum entrance, the kids wanted to do dinosaur impersonations in front of the dino statues. Check.

When we entered the museum there were two lines, one for members and one for visiting guests. After we checked in, the kids wanted to run downstairs and see the massive dinosaur bone exhibit. Since it was a Saturday, there were many small group volunteer stations that you could visit and learn more about a variety of topics: planets, stars, the human body, nature, etc. The kids enjoyed visiting these hands on small groups experiences and learning from the volunteers.

After we learned about constellations, the planets and our body, we headed outside to explore their outdoor exhibits. This was possibly my favorite part, even though it was a bit hot in September. Fernbank has 75 acres of walking trails, a canopy walk, wildlife, nature playgrounds that are open year-round. We spent about an hour playing outside climbing, running and exploring.

After our outdoor explorations we headed back inside for some air conditioning and more learning. We climbed to the top floor to discover the kids favorite exhibit, Fantastic Forces! It was a room filled with interactive, hands-on learning all about forces! We spent another hour just in here! Click on plasma ball’s electrical current to see more images. Then there was an indoor playground area that the kids played in for the last part of our visit. We didn’t even have a chance to do the fun movie options the museum offered.


It was a great experience. We all had a blast. I would highly recommend Fernbank if you are looking for a fun family outing!

Elizabeth DarleyComment