Why should I choose custom photography?

Custom photography is all about your choice and experience. As your photographer, I am devoted to providing you with a fun, relaxed atmosphere for you to have fun and be yourself. You don't have to worry about "the next person in line waiting to get photos" or have to deal with the hassle of an inexpensive, crowded portrait studio with nothing but "cheesy posed" shots. Custom photography gives me the artistic freedom to capture you being you. It's the opposite of mass produced, mass marketed photography. There are a limited amount of "posed" shots. I focus on capturing moments that reflect YOU, your styles, your interests, your family and your personalities. I capture special moments you want to remember always. 

What should I wear to a session? 

Custom photography is all about reflecting your personality. Therefore, I encourage clients to wear clothes that they love and feel good in. Families should try to coordinate, but not match. Choose a color pallet of 2-3 colors and mix and match. Ideas?

  • Black is the most flattering color if you're concerned about your weight. It hides a lot!

  • Match your eye color. You'd be surprised how much this can do for your eyes!

  • Look around your house at where you would like to hang the photos, like your living room, and match the colors of your outfits to your decorations so that your photos will coordinate with your house.

  • When in doubt, neutral colors and earth tones always photograph well.

  • Still want help? Check out my pin board on Pinterest for some ideas on what to wear

If you would like additional clothing consulting, please don't hesitate to contact me personally. 

Should I bring props?

If done correctly, props can add a fun, unique feel to your photo. Too many props can be distracting from the person being photographed. However, boots, scarves, hats, jewelry, flowers or even a unique childhood toy may be a good addition to the individuality of a picture. 

When will I be able to view my pictures?

Your image "reveal" will be ready 10-14 days after your photo session takes place. Images will be ordered at your "reveal" session. 

Once I place my order, how long until I receive my prints? 

Approximately 2-3 weeks after you place your order your prints will be ready for pick up. If you need an order shipped, a flat $15 shipping charge will be applied to your invoice. Custom frames, wood block art and canvases can take up to 3 weeks during busy seasons. 

Why are your prices higher/lower than other photographers in the area?  

We all have different talent levels, equipment and experience and offer varying levels of quality in our work.  We also take on different numbers of clients based on our business' needs and capacities. 

I only work with a few clients each week in order to give each person the best experience possible.  For each session, I devote at least 12 hours of planning, preparation, shooting, editing and presentation.  

In return for your investment, you will receive amazing art that will stand the test of time.  You will look at your photos for years to come and smile because they so perfectly capture your beautiful self and family.  You will use your photos to tell your story to your children and their children.  You will know in your heart that your portraits are absolutely priceless.

Can you retouch images?

I edit blemishes, bruises and scratches in any images purchased as a print, product or digital image. Skin will be smoothed a bit so that it looks naturally soft.  Under-eye circles are removed or lightened on adults per my discretion so that it looks natural.  I generally leave laugh lines.  Stray hairs are removed per request only.  Additional charges of $15 may apply for any requested enhancements Examples: Gray hair removal, root touch ups, head swapping, removing wrinkles from clothing, removing bra straps, whitening teeth, etc.  At your order "reveal" please let me know what you would like to be fixed before orders are placed. 

What is your copyright policy?

All my images are subject to copyright laws. I put my heart and soul into each and every session I shoot and I ask that you do not copy, reprint, scan, download or upload photos without permission. It is illegal and may result in large fines. Please contact me directly if you need a reprint of a photo. Thank you for understanding that I take pride in the quality of my work and realizing that reproductions take away from the quality, beauty and uniqueness of my original images. Thank you for respecting my work. 

What is your cancellation fee?

I understand that life happens. If for some reason you need to reschedule our session, you may do so within one calendar year with no penalty. If you do not contact me within 24 hours of a shoot and or do not show up to a photo session, there will be a $125 re-scheduling fee.