Amazing Items That Make Traveling with Kids Easier and More Fun!

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We all know traveling, although wonderful, can sometimes be tough! Traveling with kids….ha, well that’s just a whole new ballgame. As a parent, it’s part of your job to be ready for the unexpected. You never know when a traffic jam will add an extra 2.5 hours onto your road trip or when your plane will catch on fire in the runway and you’ll have to disembark and wait in the airport for 3 hours (A few real life examples for you). Based upon these experiences, I decided to make this list of travel entertainment suggestions. These items are great fir promoting learning in the car, train, airplane and even while waiting at a restaurant. Many of these are our kid’s very favorite things to do traveling, other than playing family car games, listening to books on cd, reading and watching movies. The best news is….almost all of these items can be purchased for under $15 (except for a few items at the bottom of the list we also love!) I hope I am able to make your trip a little bit more enjoyable and entertaining for everyone! Happy travels!

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