Ink Museum Adeventure Gainesville, GA

Well, this past Saturday was one of those unpredictable days. The kids and I decided to drive to Gainesville, GA, a little less than an hour drive from our home in Cumming, GA. We were about to pull into Ink Children’s Museum when we saw a baby kitten limping across the road. Without thinking much, I turned my hazard lights on, threw the car into park in the middle of the road and ran to go get the kitten before he was run over. I scooped him up and set him on the floor board thinking he’d be fine on the floor for a minute or two. Within seconds..literally less than 60 seconds the kitten somehow managed to climb up inside the dashboard area of my car up under the gas pedal and brake. He wedged himself up in there and was not coming out. This put a dilemma in our all day Ink museum fun. We took a detour to the Gainesville Fire Department #1 and with the help of firemen “Smoky” the kitten was rescued. I was informed that he was taken to the Brown’s Bridge Animal hospital in attempt to treat his broken paw. For the next thirty minutes or so, the wonderful firemen let the kids ask questions, run around and climb all over the what I found out cost 1.2 million dollar fire trucks! It ended up being two learning experiences in one.

After our exciting operation kitten rescue, we ended up heading back to the Ink Museum to check it out. This museum was a lot of fun. It encouraged free play, exploration, creativity and imagination. The kids could have stayed for hours if we were able. They enjoyed playing dentist, being farmers, working in the salon, pretending to be chefs, and dressing up as veterinarians and fire fighters. The museum was very open which was nice. There was plenty of room to run around and explore. They had an old police car, fire truck, an airplane and a four wheeler to climb on. I’d highly recommend this for kids ages 2-10. We will definitely back!

Elizabeth Darley