Beautiful MOMents Monday- Nichelle Farr Stewart (Rockin' S Farm)

On our very first "Beautiful MOMents" Monday, I have the honor of featuring Nichelle Farr Stewart. She and her husband, "Farmer Tim" run Rockin' S Farm in Canton, GA. They host the most wonderful "Farm Camp" for kids during summer, spring and fall breaks. During the school year, Nichelle drives a school bus for special needs children in Forsyth County. They supply their delicious produce to Century House Tavern, the Woodstock Farmer's Market and locally to the public! They provide an honor system produce stand at their farm which they keep stocked with fresh fruits, veggies, homemade jam, pepper jelly, salsa, fresh eggs, fresh honey and they even grind their own grits and cornmeal that can be purchased.

Summer produce: tomatoes, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, peppers and Ellijay apples. They even grind their own grits and cornmeal and sell fresh produce gift baskets. 

Winter produce: butternut spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and all many kinds of beets and carrots. They even have freshly made elderberry syrup in the winter to help keep everyone healthy. 

Our kids ages 5,7 and 9 have been to farm camp for the past two summers and have loved every minute of it.

Nichelle and Farmer Tim are one of the most thoughtful, kind and down to earth families I have ever met. It's an honor to know them. We need more Nichelle's in this world. 

I also found out that in addition to everything she does throughout the year, Nichelle hosts special needs class field trips.

Let's support Nichelle Farr Stewart and Rockin S Farms by buying our produce locally, sending our cuties to Farm Camp (an incredible experience) and spreading the word about all that she's doing to make an impact on our community! What a beautiful mom. 

To shop locally visit Rockin' S Farms at: 465 Claude Scott Road, Canton, GA


Elizabeth Darley