Beautiful MOMents Monday- Jackie Moore (Be Kind to Everyone)

For today’s “Beautiful MOMents Monday,” I have the honor of introducing you to Jackie Moore. Jackie is the mom of two incredible kids. Hudson, age 5 and Jordyn age 18. Her daughter Jordyn has autism. Having an autistic child comes with many challenges. Jordyn did not say a word until she was 6 years old. She didn't interact very much with people and has had a difficult time completing simple tasks. 

Jackie and her husband were worried about what Jordyn would do when she ages out of school. They decided to create a summer project to teach her job skills while also spreading the message to “Be Kind to Everyone.” Jordyn rolls each shirt, adds a wristband and signs a thank you card to include. She does all this with the help of Sarah, a peer from her high school. "Be kind to everyone, no matter what, no matter if they have autism or what," Sarah said. "No matter if someone has a disability, they can do just as much as somebody who doesn't have a disability."
Sarah said she wants people to know that Jordyn is as important as anyone else. Sarah gets to work with Jordyn as part of the school project, but it has become more than that. And she is equally as important as anyone else.

What started as a small goal with the hope to sell 20 shirts, has turned into a beautiful movement across the globe. The Moore Family has sent out more than 20,000 so far - and counting.

Shirts have been sold in all 50 states. Jordyn’s story has been featured on Fox5 Atlanta, Forsyth County News, 94.9 The Bull, Star94 and Dick Yarbrough’s Syndicated Column.

Everyone that purchases a shirt is encouraged to take a picture and share it on

Be Kind to Everyone products can be purchased at 
Let’s spread the word, create a movement of kindness and support this amazing family…thank YOU for helping!  #BeKindtoEveryone…/85-44bb2e9e-5c99-450c-89ef-a2a4e0…

Elizabeth Darley